A Glove Without the Hand

In his essay, “Make Your Brand Messages Come Alive,” James McNamara talks about the “need to make our organizations’ position statements come alive, not only in our graphics and visuals, but in our promotional text as well, hand-in-hand, as equals.” He then quotes a brand consultant, Mark Thomson, who writes that:

A brand both defines who you are and what you do, and it expresses this role through language, design, actions, and behaviors. Like hand in glove, the definitional [sic] and expressive elements of a good brand story fit each other snugly. Unfortunately, branding today sometimes feels like a glove without the hand; not much to hold onto when it comes to making introduction [sic] and forming relationships.

Mr. McNamarra then goes on to suggest key points to think about as you go about creating your “top-level, key, organization messages” [sic]. What do your audiences want to know immediately about your organization? How does your organization benefit its audiences? Are you brochures, websites, and social media sites set up to make finding this information easy for your audience members?

It’s a quick read, but might make you think about some stuff.

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