Kosher-for-Passover (and Gluten Free) Chocolate Meringues

Adding the melted semisweet chocolate and milk chocolate chips to the beaten eggs whites.Victoria and I are going to a Passover seder tonight, and were asked to bring a dessert to share. Since someone else had already claimed macaroons (surprise, surprise), we decided to make a recipe my stepmother has made many times that I absolutely love; unfortunately, it didn’t turn out how it was supposed to. So, at 9:35 PM, with the grocery store closing at 10:00 PM, I jumped online to figure out an easy alternative. My search turned up some interesting options, but Vic found our solution in Jennifer Segal‘s “5 Delicious Desserts for Passover“: Fudgy Double Chocolate Meringues. For the recipe, click the link above. For a quick summary and photos of my first egg-beating experience, enjoy the slideshow below.

I’m happy to report that the meringues are really tasty and only took me about 40 minutes to make. Given how inexperienced I am in the kitchen, I’m quite proud of both those results!

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4 Responses to Kosher-for-Passover (and Gluten Free) Chocolate Meringues

  1. Charisma says:

    These look delicious especially with all those chocolate chips!

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    • jasonhurwitz says:

      Thanks for reading my post! The chocolate chips definitely add to the cookies 🙂

      Given that she wrote the recipe, I took Jennifer Segal’s suggestion and used high-quality Ghirardelli chocolate for both the semisweet chocolate bars and milk chocolate chips even though they cost a little more than some of the other brands. I was not disappointed by that decision.


  2. oolongblue says:

    This is a sure way to enliven the unleavened spirit of the holiday. Chocolate always gets a rise out of me. Gluten-free, but not Gelt-free.

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    • jasonhurwitz says:

      The best part is that, because these meringues didn’t knead any chametz, I was able to at yeast keep them kosher for Passover. BTW, I discovered that listening to Bread Zeppelin and the Grateful Bread while making these helped me put all my loaf into them, and the resulting dessert made me loaf AND made me rye. Now, if only I had a challah for every bad pun I just wrote …


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