Purple Elephants

During Junior year of high school, Mr. Bassett—my English teacher—used to give us a chance to earn extra credit by submitting our own literary works. As he explained it on the cover sheet for these assignments,

Since the purpose of ‘doing extra credit’ in this class is to help you see connections between texts (literary scholars call this ‘intertextuality’), I would like you to complete this cover sheet and attach it to any work that you submit for ‘extra’ credit. [sic]

Of course, since I liked writing and was never ashamed to earn extra credit, I often submitted extra credit writings in Mr. Bassett’s class. I recently came across one of these submissions, and I still find it amusing, so thought it would be fun to share it with the world.

First, my answers to the questions on the cover sheet:

  1. Q: To what text is this work related?
    A: My own internal text.
  2. Q: Please describe the work that you are submitting:
    A: It’s a poem.
  3. Q: Please explain how this work is connected to the text to which it is related:
    A: It is a type of writing within the text. In my work, I have changed the species of the animals and also changed their color, therefor [sic] making it a different view from the original.
  4. Q: Please explain how ‘producing’ this work has enhanced your reading of the text to which this work is related:
    A: I can understand what the orange monkies [sic] were going through much more clearly now.

Have I piqued your interest yet? If so, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

Purple Elephants
Purple elephants
Stomping down the rainforest
Sitting on people.

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