Day 5 in Sedona, AZ (Dec 29, 2016)

Today was relaxing, which was the goal since it was our last day with everyone together (Jeremy and Anya fly out tomorrow morning).

The day started off lazily, but, once we finally got ourselves out of the house, we decided to go walk around the touristy section of Sedona to check out the many shops selling everything from Native American arts and crafts to beef jerky and everything in between. We stopped into the Out of Africa satellite location so that Ari could enjoy a lizard that the kind employee got out of its cage just for Ari, tried to make music on some weird musical instruments installed as a public interactive activity along the sidewalk, and Jeremy and Anya even treated us to a tasty snack from The Sedona Fudge Shop.

After our walking “adventure,” we decided to go to the Mesa Grill, located at the Sedona airport, for lunch. It was delicious, and Ari loved that he could watch airplanes taking off and landing throughout our time there. Plus, the views of the red rock formations are stunning up there (surprise, surprise)!

After lunch, we went back to the house for a few minutes, then Victoria and I headed out to get facials at NAMTI Spa. It was my first time getting a facial, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was super relaxing and enjoyable. I admit that I still prefer traditional massages, but I’m glad to have experienced this at least once.

For dinner tonight, we wanted to do something easy at the house, so decided to order pizza from Pisa Lisa. The decision ended up turning into a fun story, though, because the whole thing didn’t go quite as planned …When we first tried to call in our order, no one at the restaurant answered the phone, so Victoria and I drove over to place our order in person. At that point, we were told that it would be approximately 15-20 minutes before our pizzas were ready, so we ran to the grocery store for a few items that we needed. When we got back to the restaurant 20 minutes later, we found out that our pizzas had just gone into the oven, so it would still be another 10-15 minutes before they were ready. Because of the initial delay plus this additional wait time, the manager came over and kindly offered us each a free drink while we waited. Of course, Victoria is in her 3rd trimester, so she couldn’t take advantage of the restaurant’s fully-stocked bar (she got a bloody mary), but I enjoyed an ice-cold beer (well, really, it was only part of a beer since I had to drive home a few minutes later). End of the story: the pizza was delicious!

After dinner, we played Skip-Bo as a family. It was a great way to spend our last evening all together, and there was lots of late-night laughter around the table.

More tomorrow!

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